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About Us

The most patriotic gym you’ll ever join. We pride ourselves on providing a family-oriented gym and honoring our military.

Work Life Balance for Owners

FitCo provides a very straightforward approach with all of the tools and processes needed to be successful. We understand the importance of work life balance and spending time with family being the most important.

Our Franchise Owners Love Us

We care deeply about our brand and our Franchisees. This is a partnership through and through. It is in our best interest that our brand and franchisees are successful.

Top Notch Support

Nothing but the best! Our operations manual includes day to day operations, zoom conference calls, phone calls and email support, on-site employee training and personal training consulting. We have a variety of options for support depending on how involved the franchisees wants us to be.

Simple Operations Model

We believe in doing things the right way and keeping business as simple as possible. Our across the board pricing structure and multiple club usage, we believe that structure and processes are our keys to success.

Thinking about Franchising with FitCo

FitCo was founded and Established by Daniel Stickler and Stacy Bryant in 2016. Two guys who still believe in the importance of a handshake. They began as workout partners who wanted to change the gym industry. Daniel and Stacy take their love for family and veterans very seriously, as well as providing jobs for local communities. FitCo’s Corporate Office/Flagship Gym sits within the small country town of Forsyth, Georgia. Daniel and Stacy are Accomplished young entrepreneurs that are changing the culture of the gym industry. Their mission is to create a true family oriented/southern hospitality feel and to always do the right thing for members.

The Path to FitCo Health Club Ownership

Initial Inquiry
NDA + Application Process
Phase 1 Call
Phase 2 Call
Financial Approval
Franchise Validation
Hospitality Day
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